10 Howard Street
Miramichi, NB

Drive accessible from University Ave.

Summer Hours

9AM - 5PM
10AM - 4PM

Winter Hours

10AM - 4PM

Statement of Purpose

St. Michael's Museum Association was duly constituted according to the New Brunswick Companies Act and incorporated on the 9th of July 1980. - Ref #80-1156, as a non-profit organization.

  1. To serve as a resource centre, housing documents, genealogical records, and all relevant material and literature pertaining to the Miramichi Region or Northumberland County.
  2. To research and record, on paper and computer memory, all relevant information on the background histories of individuals, organizations, businesses, socieites, and religious institutions in said area.
  3. To establish a centre for the preservation and housing of our religious heritage in the Miramichi River Valley.
  4. To collect, preserve, document, and place, at the disposal of the general public, researchers, and students, documents and objects of historical, cultural, and genealogical importance relative to the history of the Miramichi and Northumberland County.

The educational objective of said museum is to develop and maintain collections of research materials for the benefit of residents, visitors, students, and researchers pertaining to the history of the Miramichi and Northumberland County.

Our operational objectives are to operate according to accepted museological standards of the Association of Museums New Brunswick and the Canadian Museum Community and to follow the regulations and policies as adopted by the St. Michael's Museum Executive and Trustees. The other main objective is to continuously expand and maintain in proper procedures the available resources necessary for the continuation and addition to our resources of historical information.