Our Rates:

Hired research:
- $30 for the first 90 minutes, $20 per each additional hour.

Visitor research:
- $30/day

Summer Hours

9AM - 5PM
10AM - 4PM

Winter Hours

10AM - 4PM

Our Services:

St. Michael's Genealogy Centre stores genealogical information for Northumberland County, NB, which visitors may pay a user fee to access for a day or hire a researcher to do research

How Searches Are Conducted:

leafWe can start a search with a name and a date. First, we check through our records to confirm that the family was actually living in Northumberland County. Once this is confirmed, we use various records and local histories—including censuses, marriage and birth registries, church records, and books by local authors—to conduct the search.

Our most complete records are for the Catholic churches in the area, especially St. Michael's. However, we do have records for other denominations, including the Anglican and United churches, as well as records for many cemeteries in the county.

Fees for Research:

For hired research, we charge $30.00 (Canadian) for the first hour and a half of research, and $20.00 for each subsequent hour. Usually searches are completed in the first hour and a half. But if, for example, the search takes two and a half hours, the fee would amount to $50.

If visitors wish to conduct their own research, the fee to access our records for one day is $30.00.

Photocopies can be made on-site for $0.25 per page.

Picture Reproduction:

We have many photographs on file, which we can reproduce for a fee of $10.00 (Canadian) per copy.

Baptism and Marriage Certificates

Copies Baptism and Marriage certificates may be completed if requested as part of research.