St. Michael's Academy (1931-1969)


St. Michael's Academy was built in 1931 by the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph and sold to the government in 1970.

The present St. Michael's opened in September 1931. The old stone building was used to house boarders who attended St. Michael's. It served in that capacity until it became a nursing home in 1949.

St. Michael's Academy taught students from grades one to twelve. Boys and girls attended until high school when the boys went on to St. Thomas.

The sisters ran St. Michael's until 1969, when classes moved to a temporary location in District 10 and St. Michael's became an elementary school administered by the province.

In 1970, James M. Hill opened. Some of the sisters remained in the school system for a while and some moved to other institutions.

Graduating Class of 1940

Front: Mary Melanson
Gertrude Connell
Jane Flynn
Catherine Nugent
Carmel Murdock
Kathleen Losier (secretary for museum (1974-2000)
Back: Evelyn Clancy
Annie MacLean
Mary McDermott
Mary McIntyre
Mary Ferguson

Cecilian Singers (circa 1954)

Front Row: Catherine Whalen
Kay Williams
Katherine McCallum
Betty Scott
Donna Fitzpatrick
Theresa Ullock
Lourdes O'Reilly
Theresa Skidd
Gerry Fitzpatrick
Second Row: Priscilla Cripps
Carole Searle
Dana Fitzpatrick
C. Kenny
Anne Whitty
Anita Daigle
Maura Barry
Peggy Bumby
Third Row: Bernadette Preston
Doris Rigley
Pauline Stymiest
Agnes Simpson
Ann Shaddick
Ruth McDonald
Phyllis O'Reilly

Girls Softball Team (circa 1955)

Priests: Father Joe McKinnon (left)
Father McGoldrick (right)

Classroom and Students (1955)

Back Row: Mary Nowlan
Mary Miles
Janet Trevors
Annabelle Nowlan
Middle Row: Freddie Moar
Tony Goulette
Doris Phee
Pat Hayes
Kneeling: Connie Smith
Donnie Keoughan
Sitting at Front: Norma Daigle
Lower Right Corner Kneeling: Jimmy Harriman

Chatham Bantam Tigers Town Champs (1953)

Left to Right: Fr. Joe McKinnon (Coach)
Art Leggatt
Blair Carroll
Kenny Quinn
Eddie Carroll
Bernie Keating
Eddie O'Kane
Ray Fraser
Dave Butler
Mayor Dan Cripps
(Hidden Face)
John Lordon
Paul Duplessie
J. Ben O'Reilly

Students of St. Michael's Academy (1948-1949)

Front Row: ---, ---, Lourdes Murdoch, Frances Brennan, Jacqueline Meahan, Betty Wood, Gertrude Dunn, Yvonne Maher, Melvina (Tina) McKay, Mary Isiah, Rena Doucette, ---
Middle Row: Genevieve Savoy, ---, Theresa Grattan, ---, Kathleen Leslie, Louise Dufresne, Margaret Mary King, ---, Veronica Hill, Theresa Scott, Henriette Thibodeau
Back Row: ---, Alice Vickers, Norma Kingston, Ruth Gillis, --- Roy(?), Dorothy Legatt, ---, Charlotte Vickers