Hotel Dieu School of Nursing (1917-1973)

Directors of the School of Nursing, Chatham, NB

Jane Connors (Sister St. Joseph), RHSJ
Mary Mackenzie, RHSJ
Mary Winslow, RHSJ
Clora Skidd, RHSJ
Anne Marie Albert (Sister St. Anne), RHSJ
Florence Nowlan, RHSJ
Mary Coderre, RHSJ
Theresa Shannon, RHSJ
Shirley Robichaud, RHSJ
Donna McLean (1971-1973)

The Jeanne Mance Pledge


That I may be strengthened in my resolve to model my life of duty after that of Jeanne Mance, the first lay-nurse of my beloved Canada, I place myself in the presence of God, and I pledge myself with the help of His grace to be faithful to the following ideals:

I will be true to the practice of religion, which is the inspiration of my noble vocation, and while administering to the body will serve the soul by observing the principles of right Ethics and nursing honour.

I will be devoted to the profession that is mine, obeying the physician within the sphere of his authority and I will make my work a labour of love rather than of profit whenever the service of God or Country requires it of me.

Class Motto: Semper Fidelis

Hotel Dieu Hospital
Chatham, NB

The First Group of Nursing Students (1917)

Graduating Class of 1940

Front: V. McFarlane
W. LeBlanc
M. English
E. McDonnell
F. Martin
Back: M. Holohan
M. Carter
F. McBride
E. Gorman
G. McDonald

Graduating Class of 1973

Front Row: Mary Carmel McKenzie
Louise Brockway
Carol Ann Savage
Mary Connell
Paula Quinn
Sister Margaret Jacques, S.S.A
Back Row: Mrs. Joanne Hachey (instructor)
Debbie Moffatt
Maureen McEvoy
Anne Couture
Mary Allison
Joan Landry
Mrs. Donna McLean (acting Director of Nursing
Mary Margaret Bernard
Karen McLean Laviolette
Nancy Brockway
Mrs. Anne-Marie Sullivan (instructor)