The Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph

Diamond Jubilee (1929)

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Group Picture (1996)

Front Row Sitting: Sr. Mary Carten
Sr. Anne Russell
Back Row Standing (L to R) Sr. Kugel
Msgr. George Martin
Sr. Fitzpatrick
Sr. Doucette
Sr. Lynch
Sr. DesRoches
Sr. Woods
Sr. Rideout
Sr. Hurley
Sr. Burns
Fr. B. Broderick

Reenactment of The Secret's Arrival

Front Row: Sr. B. Jimmo
Rev. Henry McGrath (representing Bishop James Rogers)
Sr. J. DesRoches
Back Row: Sr. M. Fitzpatrick
Sr. M. Hurley

First Row: Mr. R. Dickson
Fr. Bob Grattan
Second Row: Sr. M. Hurley
Sr. M. Fitzpatrick
Third Row Sr. J. DesRoches
Fr. Henry McGrath
Sr. B. Jimmo

Front Row: Sr. Helen Burns
Fr. Henry McGrath
Sr. B. Jimmo
Sr. J. DesRoches
Sr. M. Fitzpatrick
Sr. A. Russell (Provincial Superior)
Sr. M. Hurley

The Old and New Cemeteries

St. Joseph's Villa (1935-1969)

This little building has been the cradle of many parochial activities in Chatham. It served as the Presbytery of the first resident priest. In 1860 it became the Episcopal Residence of Most Rev. James Rogers, D.D., first Bishop of Northern New Brunswick.

On July 16, 1869, it became the first Hotel Dieu Hospital, opened by our devoted foundresses of Montreal, Mother Davignon, Sister McGurty, Sister St.Louis and Sister Vitaline.

In April 1919, it opened its doors to another parochial work - St. Joseph's Preparatory School for Boys. In 1931, this time-honoured relic was transferred to its present site.

In 1962, St. Joseph's Villa was renovated and now remains as a pious souvenir of our devoted founder, Bishop Rogers, of our revered foundresses, and all the Sisters who laboured in this Community.

Pray our Glorious Patron, St. Joseph, that he may ever preserve in this foundation - the true religious spiit of our Venerable foundresses. The deceased members of this Community claim our prayers and gratitude.

Requiescant in pace.

The Convent Garden (1946)

From Left to Right: Sr. Mary Joseph (Mazerolle)
Sr. J. DesRoches
Sr. N. Troy
Sr. M. Fitzpatrick
Sr. A. Dunn
Sr. H. Burns
Sr. A. Smith