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Our Irish and Scottish Ancestors

The earliest European settlers in the area were French, who settled in the area to trap furs and trade with members of the local Mi'kmaq First Nation. Following the British conquest of Acadia, however, Scottish settlers moved into the area to take advantage of the Miramichi's wealth of fish, furs, and timber. Soon after followed Irish settlers, many of whom came to seek a life better than what they had in their native country, sowing crops, felling trees, and building ships on the banks of the Miramichi River.  

Today, many descendents of Miramichi's Irish and Scottish immigrants are spread across Canada and the United States. But modern Miramichiers still cherish their cultural roots, especially during the Scottish Festival and Irish Festival every summer.

In conjunction with local historians and researchers, the St. Michael's Museum Association and Genealogical Centre has created a list Irish and Scottish families who settled in the parishes of Northumberland County and, where possible, have included when they came and where they came from. Click on the links on the left panel of this page to view the maps for Scottish or Irish settlers.