Sister Theresa McElwee

Sister Theresa Maud McElwee died at Hotel Dieu Hospital, Chatham, NB, Wednesday, 17 December 1980, aged 96.

She was former Director of St. Michael's Academy and former Director of St. Anne's Home for the Aged. Sister McElwee, a religious hospitaller of St. Joseph, was born in Blissfield, NB, a daughter of Samuel and Mary Anne (Moran) McElwee. She attended the Blissfield Public School, Doaktown Superior School, and St. Mary's Academy, Newcastle, NB. At age 18, she taught in the one-room school at Bartibogue Bridge. In 1903, she attended the Provincial Normal School in Fredericton. She then entered the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph in Chatham and became a member of the teaching staff of St. Michael's Academy in 1906. Sister McElwee later obtained her B.A. Degree. In 1929, she was asked to undertake a different branch of teaching, that of Director of Novices. Later she was chosen as Superior of the local community of Chatham. Her subsequent appointments included Director of St. Michael's Boarding School, Principal of St. Michael's Academy, Director of St. Anne's Home for the Aged an Bursar for the local community. When forced by age to relinquish these positions, she became an Annalist, preserving much of the history of the community.